IIS Log Archiver

Introducing the IIS Log Archiver - just a little program I knocked up to archive those ever increasing log files from IIS websites.

It will automatically scan through and list all the website log folders in IIS on the local machine. Use the filter to limit the list to log folders from a particiular drive or site. The folders listed are the ones which will be affected.

Press the Archive button to archive all the listed log folder(s). The application will scan all the .log files in the folder, check their dates and will archive them into monthly zip files. It only ever archives log files from historic months.

Press the Extract button to extract all the listed log folder(s). The application will extract all files from all .zip files found in the listed log folder(s).

You can also run the application using the following arguments:

Automatically starts the archive process.
Automatically starts the extraction process.
Runs the application in silent mode - no GUI will be displayed.
-f abc
Used to filter logs by the folder path.


The following example will silently archive all logs with a folder path containing "d:\websites"
>> IISLogArchiver.exe -a -s -f d:\websites

IIS Log Archiver

I used the reduced version of the DotNetZip class library to handle the compressing and decompressing of log files.

It's straight-forward, easy to use and best of all is freely available with source code. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a .NET compression library!